Fapp Life Beats


Hello and welcome to Fapp Life Beats.  My name is Nathan Thomas, I’ve been in the music industry since HS back in 2002.  I’ve always had A passion for music as my mother was A piano teacher and grew up going to concert’s and meeting artist’s and musicians and just getting the feel for the business.  I was always told doing this would lead to no where and was just A waste of my time.  After college, I decided to start doing more and more beats and adding them to the “archive” until I was ready to start selling and leasing my beats.

I currently use 3 keyboards and Reason/Serum/Massive to produce my music. I take pride and borderline OCD when it comes to perfecting the beat, so the customer is satisfied. I have worked with Lil Wyte, Denzel Curry, La-Chat, Muck Sticky, RA The Rugged Man.  I have slowly started to build up my credits, thanks to M.a.K, he made most of these collaborations possible.

Out of this collaboration, Fapp Life Beats was created.  I have around 100 beat’s that I’ve originally scored, mixed and mastered myself over the year’s,  Honestly, I’m just trying to get my instrumentals out there and hopefully help my parent’s out in the process (my main priority) and tour the globe with one of my good friends.

The beats on this page are for leasing and exclusive right’s.  I will work with you on price’s, I do have A couple credits of artists under my belt, so this is not my first rodeo. I just want people to be able to express their thoughts, emotions, and idea’s through one of my beats and prove to everyone, they were wrong.

I do compose original pieces for certain genres, songs and specific artists, that way I’m not limited to one genre.  Every purchase/download will include all project files (wave outs) in A .zip file upon payment.  I will also be giving away free beat’s on occasions so please keep checking back!

Thanks again for your time, hope you enjoy my beats, any constructive criticism, please reach me through the contact page.

Nathan Thomas